my safe space and undying love

Art has always been a safe space for me. I place where I can get lost in my mind, escape from the day, find a voice for my chaos, a color for my joy. I can get lost in her warm embrace knowing that I'm able to be the author of my own destiny.

But being a creator doesn't always come easy, and sometimes it takes support to detangle that chaos, a listening heart to interpret your desires. I've been practicing and collaborating with like-minded artists recently and I've found that this language of art is a form of therapy, a way to connect friends distant and near. Through the various art mediums I try, I am consistently innovating, I am showing up, I am being seen, I am speaking authentically. And in turn, this provides me the practice I need to show up in my real life against bigger odds, take greater risks, and become more visible.

I've coached entrepreneurs and business women who struggle with being visible because they fear criticism, exposure, and judgment. But in a safe therapeutic art environment, we give shape and voices to fears, we honor the flaws and the process, and we allow ourselves to just show up and create without judgement.